About Scouting in Blaydon & District

Blaydon District is situated in the North East region of England located within Durham Scout County. We provide Scouting to young people aged between 6-18 across 5 groups and 1 Explorer Scout Unit. We have strong links within the district,  with groups activity taking part in competitions, camps and extra activities.

We are constantly developing and improving our standards so that we can provide more everyday adventure across all groups. After our recent census, it was revealed that we had passed the 300 mark for the number of people in our district – this was a great achievement!

The District holds regular team meetings and is overseen by our executive committee who oversee the development of our district. Our assistant district commissioners provide secion support to our district commissioner to ensure the district is managed fully. Our group scout leaders also provide support to all the section leaders, assistant leaders and occasional helpers within the district. We’d like to thank them for their continuing supported.