Halloween Event

Published on 01/11/2015 by David Stokes.

IMG_20151031_143535In less than 20 hours, the District’s Phoenix Explorer Scout Unit went geocaching, had a fish and chip supper, watched a ‘scary’ movie, took part in a ‘fright hike’, held a sleepover and had a cooked breakfast – it could only be the much anticipated Halloween Event.

Starting at 2pm on Saturday 31st October three teams took part in a geocaching competition, which included finding some new caches that have recently been added in the Crawcrook area and hiding their own caches.

IMG_20151031_180937At 5.30pm the Explorer Scouts and Leaders headed into Crawcrook to pick up fish and chips, pizza etc to bring them back to 2nd Crawcrook HQ to eat, before watching a rather cheesy (but age appropriate) scary movie. This was just what was needed to get everyone in the mood for the ‘fright hike’.

The night hike lasted for almost four and half hours, covering more than 12km in the Crawcrook and Ryton area. Being Halloween it was a suitably spooky evening with the moon peaking through broken cloud and banks of mist and fog rolling across the paths, roads and fields. This year’s added bonus was that the two teams never knew when Leaders were going to leap out of the woods to scare them. As one Explorer Scout messaged after being chased down a dark, scary lane “I need to change my pants!”.

IMG_20151101_015214Returning to 2nd Crawcrook HQ just before 2am, the teams were surprised by a Halloween birthday cake for one of the team members, whose birthday is 1st November.

After five hours ‘sleep’ it was time for everyone to get up to a breakfast of cereal and bacon sandwiches before tidying up the HQ and heading off for home – and some real sleep.

Out thanks to all the Leaders who helped to organise and run the event and to 2nd Crawcrook for the use of their H.Q.