I’m an Explorer Scout – Get me Out of Here

Published on 10/04/2015 by David Stokes.

April 9th was what has become a favourite in the Explorer Scout calendar – the “I’m an Explorer Scout – Get me Out of Here” challenge night – with plenty of individual, team, physical and food based challenges to test the resolve of even the hardiest and most experienced Explorer Scout.

IMG_20150409_192255Following the familiar theme of 10 challenges in two hours, this year the members of the Phoenix ESU took on:
1. Egg Roulette: A new twist, where the ‘boiled’ egg (cooked with only six minutes to set up the stoves and boil the eggs) were tested on the forehead of a member of an opposing team. Some were hard boiled in the time allowed… and some were not!
2. Doughnut Eating: Eating doughnuts tied on string hung from the rafters, while standing on a chair in the ‘stork’ position (standing on one leg, other foot on your knee and hand on your hips)
IMG_20150409_1940363. Table Climb: Climbing over, under and back onto a table without touching the floor (which three of the six teams managed very well)
4. Cake Eating: Simple – except for the meatballs hidden in the muffins
5. Dizzy Directions: Navigating an obstacle course blindfolded following the directions of your team mates, but after spinning ten times around a pole
6. Kangaroo Intestine Tying: Not really kangaroo intestines, but tying reef knots in sisal (string), in a tray full of tinned spaghetti – all while blinding
IMG_20150409_2015177. Cornflake Feeding: After our last attempt at feeding each other with breakfast cereals, this time we decided to tie spoons to bamboo canes and feed each other at a distance
8. Attention Test: A slightly less manic challenge, with teams have to write down all the changes in appearance in one of the Leaders over the course of the evening e.g. adding a ring to a finger, putting leg warmers on, tying up hair etc
9. Plank of Doom: Nice and easy – just inch backwards on a plank extending off the edge of a table, until it tips!
10. Minging Drink: The part of the meeting everyone wasn’t looking forward – drinking the ‘special’ drink prepared by the Leaders. This year two of them were nice (orange juice with food colouring), three were a little bit nasty (the nice drink with just a little bit of the ‘nasty’ drink) and a nasty drink with… all sorts of minging things in there. The teams had to drink their drinks  against the clock, using multiple straws (one each) – but until they started they had no idea whether their drink was nice, a little bit nasty, or really, really nasty!


At the end of an evening of great fun three of our Explorer Scouts were presented with their Chief Scout’s Platinum / Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Chief Scout’s Diamond / Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Awards – well done to everyone concerned.

Check out the video of the evening and the links to more photographs below:

A big thanks to Leader Rachael for preparing the evening and to all the Leaders who helped with the preparation of, and clearing up after the challenges.