Beaver & Cub Winter Walk

Published on 02/03/2015 by jion.

27 Beavers &  Cubs attended the first ever joint Winter Walk, held at Watergate Park, Lobleyhill. They were accompanied by 17 Leaders, adults & parents.

The young people were taught some basic compass skills and followed a map throughout the day. They were lead by District Scouter Alan Carlton & Blaydon Scout Leader Kit Carson.

With a stop for expedition snacks, they continued on to a woodland area where cooking challenges took place. They were challenged to make popcorn, toast marshmallows and make chocolate crispy cakes over a tea light! They were given their equipment and had to work out themselves what they needed to do.


All groups had success with most of the challenges, Crawcrook being the quickest to melt chocolate and Blaydon made the most popcorn, everyone managed the marshmallow challenge.

The groups were then challenged to use laces (that were edible) to make a large string that did not touch the ground. Showing how to tie knots to some groups from experienced leaders was welcomed. A clever parent discovered that it is possible to skip with the laces! She demonstrated that it really is!

District Commissioner, Helen Laird commented “After this fun, everyone continued their adventure with a scavenger hunt to keep them going, trying to find a balloon, a flower and a blue woggle amongst other things – nobody had a blue woggle! Nobody realised that I had a pocket full of balloons either!”


Everyone slowly headed back to the car park where hot soup and bread rolls awaited.

The weather was perfect: cool, breezy but dry and everyone was tired but happy at the end of this event. Many of the young people will be rewarded with a badge or two for taking part in this event.

The walk covered approximately 4 miles and the young people felt like they had walked 100 miles! But well done to all who took part in this event.