Cub adventure camp at Moor House

Published on 10/03/2019 by jion.

30 young Cub Scouts enjoy a weekend of adventure at Moor House for activities including climbing, archery and bushcraft.

Cub Scouts enjoy lighting fires with a flint & steel

The weekend started on Friday 22nd February with an evening of puzzles and wide games. Our Young Leaders did fantastic at organising 30 Cubs into teams in the bitch black!

Saturday was our big adventure day, with three rotational groups all taking part in archery, climbing and backwoods cooking. There was also a giant campfire and plenty of songs to go with!

Sunday involved in a 3 mile walk around the local area plus lots of tidying and cleaning.

It was a fantastic camp which continues the development of the Cub section across the district – next event, The Paisley Challenge in June!