Celebrating 50 nights away

Published on 24/11/2021 by jion.

It’s genuine pleasure to see our members undertake there first adventure over night, away from home from for there first time.

Scouting is a great adventure, and our members young and old enjoy that experience of sleeping away from home. Every time members spend their night away with us, they earn a night towards their nights away badge.

1st Winlaton Scout receiving their 50th Nights Away Award

With each section this particular Scout has been in, he has gained nights away awards sleeping in tents, buildings and out in the wild with each section.

With the challenges of the past 18months. This award is especially special.

For only the second time in the groups history, we have the proud privilege of awarding a 50 nights away award. Fantastic achievement, and we wish you well on your next Scouting adventure.