Resuming Face-to-Face Scouting

Published on 02/09/2020 by jion.

Resuming Face-to-Face Scouting is a slow but steady process that we are starting to following in the district across all our groups. One of the first groups to start back up is the Scout Section @ 1st Winlaton.

After twenty weeks since the last Scout event held in person (16/03/2020), and following nearly 28 hours of on line meetings plus 1 district competition and two virtual camps. On Tuesday the 4th of August 2020, a limited number of Scouts met in a private wood land to hold their first Scout Meeting since March.

This was made possible by the Support of the District Commissioner, along with the group’s executive committee and a huge leader and adult input. That helped produce the groups Covid 19 Action plan, which set out the measures and safe guards (risk assessments). Our plans have been shared with all our parents and we have received huge support from them. The group has also invested in new individual equipment and new Covid secure first aid equipment with the required PPE to treat and injury’s if they occur. All of this effort was to ensure a safe return to Scouting for not only the young people but also the adult volunteers.

Even with all the important new rules governing hygiene, social distancing, meeting numbers and limitations on meeting duration. The Scouts feedback at the end of the meeting was positive and they had all enjoyed being back and seeing each other in person. In the limited time the Scouts met in a secure woodland, played a wide game and practices their fire lighting skills creating individual fires and cooking marsh mallows.