Ryton Bell Boating Experience

Published on 02/07/2017 by George.

On Wednesday 28th of June the Ryton Beaver and Cub Groups took part in their annual Bell Boating experience down by the Newburn Activity Centre on the River Tyne.

37 Cubs and Beavers lined up patiently to obtain their life jacket and paddle before advancing into the water. In boats of 8 (along with an Instructor and a Young Leader) all raced to Newburn Bridge and back before Splashing each other in one large monsoon of water and a well deserved paddle in the almost freezing cold water upon returning to shore.

Our Young People were able to prove their courage to their parents and leaders alike as they pushed through and enjoyed themselves thoroughly, even on a rainy and very damp day.

The Bell Boating was yet again a great success. Thanks to the organisation of Leaders Mike, Jo, Liz and Jack the Young People were able to have another life experience and skill they will remember and carry with them whilst enjoying themselves the whole time.