Chopwell Christmas Crash

Published on 11/12/2017 by jion.

Chopwell Cubs & Scouts had a bumper weekend of adventure as they took part in an overnight sleepover between the 9th and 10th of December at their Scout Hut.

Starting at 7pm on the 9th, Cubs and Scouts had the chance to take part in a number of activities including, hama beads, board games and learning how to do some magic!

Later that night, all 20 people, including our District Commissioner, all sat down for a traditional Christmas dinner including stuffing, pigs in blankets and turkey! Chocolate cake was on offer following this with the traditional camp favourite of squirty cream.

To get settled down for the night, young people then had the opportunity to pitch some tents and setup their own camping spaces throughout the hut. This made the event really feel like a camp, rather than just a bunch of people in a hut.

Following the tent pitching, young people had the chance to watch some movies including Author Christmas, play some games or simply go to bed. Majority chose to watch a movie, with the final young person heading to bed at 1am on Sunday morning.

Come the morning, breakfast was served with games to be played including a frozen inspired pinata and a game of giant pass the pigs!

The event was full of fun and laughter and was a great camp to end the year on. The young people really enjoyed the camp, with lots of them expressing an interest to go camping again as quickly as possible!