District Sailing Trip

Published on 26/07/2015 by jion.

The first ever district sailing trip took place at the weekend, with Scouts, Explorers, Leaders and parents all joining in. The event, organised by 1st Ryton Scout Leader Duncan, was run in conjunction with the Ocean Youth Trust North.


The event started on Friday evening, with a familiarisation period onboard Ocean Venture – our ship for the weekend. Saturday was a very busy day, as we left the Royal Quays Marine and headed out to see. After heading a good 5 miles away from the shore, we looped around and settled below the skies of Sunderland where we caught a glimpse of a few aircraft. The Euro Fighter display was a high moment for everyone aboard!

Unfortunately, the sea had started to get rougher, so around this time, 4 of us managed to get sea sick, including 2 young people, 1 parent and 1 leader! For this reason, we left the rough sea and headed for a two hour voyage down the Tyne. We stopped just next to the Millennium Bridge and spent an hour ashore. The boat certainly did generate a lot of interest from the public!

We then sailed back to the Royal Quays where we would spend the night, before our next adventure began on the Sunday. The waves where much calmer which allowed us to go further out to sea, in fact, we were 15 miles away from the shore before we turned around to come back.


You can see the route we took on the above map, the final return back into Tynemouth proved very interesting as we had to ‘tack’ around to allow much bigger ships to pass. Eventually we made it back in, leaving us 45 minutes to clean the boat and pack our bags before departing.

This was a first for the district, but it turned out to be a very enjoyable trip for everyone who took part. We’d like to thank Duncan and the Ocean Youth Trust for allowing us to go on this amazing Voyage. Would you fancy going on our next voyage? Speak to your leader and register your interest today, we hope to go back out soon!