1st Blaydon Scout Group is located at the end of Delacour Road, just off Blaydon Bank.

1st Blaydon Scout Group has an active Beaver Scout ColonyCub Scout Pack and Scout Troop.


1st Blaydon Scout Group has an active Beaver Scout Colony, meeting from 17:15pm to 18:15pm on Monday evenings all year round. Beavers enjoy a wide range of activities and themes including crafts, games, visits, trips and sleepovers. They also take part in both District and County Beaver Events such as Craft Days, Sleepovers, Parties, Picnics and Pantomimes.

The Beaver Scout Colony is open to boys and girls from their 6th to their 8th birthday.

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1st Blaydon Scout Group has an active Cub Scout Pack, meeting from 18.30pm to 20:00pm on Monday evenings all year round. Cubs enjoy many activities from games, to outdoor skills and everything in between.

The Cub Scout Pack is open to boys and girls from their 8th birthday until they are 10½ and currently has places available.

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1st Blaydon Scout Group has a very active Scout Troop, meeting from 19:00pm to 20:30pm on Tuesday evenings. The Scout Troop meet every Tuesday including school holidays, with the exception of Christmas.

Our Scouts take part in a number of outdoor activities every year including camps, walking, climbing, pioneering, games, archery and many more. We also take part in District competitions testing first aid and camping skills. Our weekly indoor programme balances the outdoor activities with areas like community work, environment, international, first aid and of course, lots of fun!

Scouts is open to boys and girls from the age of 10½ until their 14th birthday (with some flexibility on ages)

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